Alfea Excellia A.I

Alfea Excellia A.I is an all-round high temperature solution in the Alfea A.I range. Very easily adaptable and with high performance, its design and range of accessories make it a benchmark in the heating sector and an ideal option for heat pump renovation projects.
Product Features
  • COP: up to 4.3 (+7°C/+35°C)
  • Compatible with all kinds of low temperature transmitters
  • Intuitive control and simplified use
  • Navistem 400S regulator
  • 3kW Electrical back-up integrated (9kW three phase models)
  • Perfect solution for high heating demand
  • Integrated 16L buffer tank
  • Patented coaxial heat exchanger
  • Inverter regulation
  • Possibility to manage electric radiator heating zone from heat pump control panel
Energy Efficiency Classes
  • 35°C Class A++
  • 55°C Class A+

8 year warranty when commissioned by a GA approved engineer. Subject to Terms and Conditions.