The Explorer uses the operational principle of a heat pump, by absorbing calories in the outdoor air and using it to provide water heating.
Product Features
  • 70% energy savings with COP of up to 3.8
  • ACI hybrid anti-corrosion technology
  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to install with adjustable air inlet/outlet
  • Atlantic technologies: Diamond-quality enamel and Steatite technology
  • Compatible with solar (photovoltaic or solar panel) and boiler systems (built-in coil)
  • Large optimised coil for fast heating and a size adapted for low temperature devices
  • A circulation connection to provide comfort on all point-of-use
  • Adjustable feet
  • Can lay on 1 side for easy transport
Energy Efficiency Classes
  • 35°C Class A++
  • 55°C Class A+

8 year warranty when commissioned by a GA approved engineer. Subject to Terms and Conditions.