Our new HRC-300 Max Comfort is extremely quiet, extremely economical and very smart. In addition to the fact that this beautiful Dutch masterpiece is a real feast for the eyes, it also scores extremely high in the field of heat recovery! The balance ventilation system is suitable for all applications in residential construction and extracts just as much clean filtered outside air as polluted indoor air. The heat from the extracted polluted indoor air is recovered (up to 99.3%!) And transferred back to the supplied filtered outdoor air. Thanks to the intelligent operation, it only ventilates when necessary. The result: an extremely healthy and comfortable indoor climate and a lower energy bill at all times. The name is therefore EcoMax for a reason!
Product Features
  • Capacity: 300 m3 / h at 200Pa
  • Low power consumption, 26.7 watts
  • Extra long Recair Ultimate heat exchanger
  • Revolutionary modulating 100% Bypass
  • Top and side connections available