Thermostore IE

The Ideal Thermstore IE range of stainless steel unvented indirect cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards. We have 8 models in our range, all with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Rubber Connection Labels Rubber Connection Labels
  • Wider Base for Additional Stability Wider Base for Additional Stability
  • New Flat Top & Base New Flat Top & Base
  • Lightweight for easy installaiton Lightweight for easy installaiton
  • Low Standing Heat Loss Low Standing Heat Loss
  • Tapping Positions to BS1566 Specifications Tapping Positions to BS1566 Specifications
  • ErP Compliant ErP Compliant
Product Features
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • 25 year vessel warranty
  • ERP compliant
  • Duplex stainless steel construction
  • Aligned tapping positions for ease of installation
  • New flat top & base with 20% more HCFC insulation
  • Complete with all quality fittings according to model
  • Lightweight for ease of installation
  • Low standing heat loss
  • Boiler control sensor pocket (spare)
Energy Efficiency Classes

25 year vessel warranty & 2 year components warranty. Subject to Terms and Conditions.